Daily Card – XIII Death

Death is another one of my favourite cards in the DruidCraft Tarot.  Death is a natural part of life, but people are scared of it. This has always confused me. People associate the death card with the death of a loved one, but this is not always its meaning.

Let’s examine the card

Death is a card that many people are scared of. But it doesn't mean what they think it means. Click through to read more.An old woman, the goddess in her Crone aspect, stands at a cauldron. She holds a human skull in her hands. Her touch is gentle and tender. She wears a dark green hooded robe. There is a belt around her waist from which hangs a sickle. Her long grey hair is done in two braids that fall past her waist. She has a red cloak draped over her arm.

She is inside a cave. The ornate cauldron sits on a fire and steam rises from the contents inside. I can see fish and birds around the top of the cauldron, and perhaps an otter.

On the wall behind her is a stone face and two pottery jugs. One of the jugs has a human figure as its handle. There’s a brown and white snake above the jugs. Herbs hang from the ceiling. A piece of ivy grows from the ceiling.

Outside the cave in the distance is some standing stones and an eagle flies towards the clouds. A river winds its way past the standing stones.

The goddess is Ceridwen as Cailleach.

What does it mean?

The main meaning of this card is initiation and transformation.

It is time to clear away the old so you can make way for the new. Old ways of thinking and being must die before we can transform into a better version of ourselves.


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