Daily Card – XII The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is an intriguing card. He’s tied securely to a tree upside down, and he’s naked.

Let’s examine the card

The Hanged Man has surrendered to what is. Have you?A man hangs in a tree upside down. He’s naked. He has oak leaves coming out of his mouth which makes me think of the Oak King and the Green Man.

His legs are positioned in the figure 4. Some say that this is also the crane position.

He looks at peace. He’s not concerned about his predicament as he knows that he’ll be released when the time is right.

Mistletoe grows on the tree, and there are blackberry brambles at its base.

There is wheat behind the tree, most of it has been harvested. A sickle lies next to the unharvested wheat. It is autumn, the time for harvest.

What does it mean?

It’s time to let go and surrender to what is. Some things can’t be changed or rushed, so it is wise to just enjoy the journey.

When we surrender we find that peace we’ve been looking for. It can only come when we let go and surrender.

It is time to be patient and wait for what we want.

Allow the inner work to transform you while you wait.

Let go of expectations so that you can discover and experience all that can be discovered and experienced.


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