Daily Card – III The Lady

The Lady is traditionally called The Empress in other decks. She is the universal mother figure. She’s numbered III in the Major Arcana.

Let’s examine the card

The Lady is the universal mother figure. She represents many things. Click through to find out more.The lady sits on a simple wooden throne by a stream. She is heavily pregnant. She holds a cornucopia full of flowers and fruit in one arm, and a sheaf of wheat in the other.

Her long golden hair is loose and she wears a green headband with gold stars on it.

Her dress is light green and covered in flowers. The yoke of her dress is red with a gold design. She wears gold brooches attaching her dark green cloak to her dress. There is a piece of red fabric at her feet.

The apple tree is full of apples and all the flowers are in bloom. The stream is full of water and flows swiftly.

There is a dark green goddess figure in front of her on a rock.

What does it mean?

The Lady represents the Great Mother. Also abundance, creativity and fertility. This may or may not represent a physical pregnancy. It would depend on surrounding cards.

This time in your life is one of passion. Throw yourself into your creative projects and relationships and watch them blossom.

You may be pregnant with an idea or desire, or you could be entering a new phase in your current relationship.

Open yourself to the nurturing power of the Goddess, and she will bless you with abundance.


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