Daily Card – Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups is an interesting card. He’s so busy gazing at the illusion of six cups in the pool that ‘s forgotten about the one full cup by his side. What could it mean?

Let’s examine the card

The Seven of Cups calls us to stop chasing after fantasies and focus on the here and now. Click through to find out more.A young man sits by a pool on rocks covered in moss, grass and ferns. He wears a red cloak wrapped around himself.

There are six cups in the water. They are an illusion.

There is a single golden cup sitting on a rock beside him. It’s full.

He looks like he’s about to reach out and grab one of the cups from the pool. I think he will get a shock when he does because it will slip through his fingers like, well, water.

Maybe that will bring him back to reality.

What does it mean?

Having a good imagination is vital in life, but we must be aware of the difference between the real world and the world of imagination and illusion. Chasing after your dreams is one thing, but chasing after illusions is something else.

Do not become seduced by your own inner landscape. Stay grounded in this reality by holding on to what is.


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