Card of the Day – XI Justice

Justice is not a card that I draw much. She’s a rather imposing figure, and I’m glad I don’t need to deal with her too often.

Let’s examine the card

Justice calls us to weigh up our decisions careful. Click through to find out more.

Justice is numbered eleven in the Major Arcarna. It is the centre point of The Fool’s journey. It makes sense to have her here.

Justice is associated with the element of air. She holds a sword in her right hand, there’s a feather by her feet, and an owl sits next to her. In her left hand she holds a set of scales.

Justice wears a blue robe and a purple cloak secured with two brooches. She wears a gold collar.

Her feet are bare, showing her connection to the earth. In the plant by her feet is a spider sitting in its web.

Justice is Brigh, an Irish pre-Christian woman who was both Druid and Judge.

The sword is double edged, showing that a decision has to be made one way or another. The scales represent our need to carefully weigh up options before making a decision. The owl cautions us to use wisdom. The feather is the feather of Ma’at. Ma’at is the Egyptian Goddess of truth. The spider reminds us that all things are connected.

What does it mean?

It’s time to make a decision, but do so by carefully weighing up the options.

You may be called to give an account of your actions. It can also mean legal matters.


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