Daily Card – O The Fool

The Fool is numbered zero in the Major Arcarna. He is the first character you encounter when opening a new deck of Tarot cards. He symbolises the potential both in the deck and in us.

Let’s examine the card

The Fool represents every man and woman. Click through to learn more.A young man stands of the edge of a cliff. He’s about to step off. His eyes are fixed firmly forwards, perhaps on his goal. He is determined to begin his journey.

He wears a short brown tunic with a green cloak and a green checked hat. The hat has a gold pin holding seven rooster feathers.

He carries in his right hand some mistletoe berries. In his left he carries a stick with a bag attached.

A black hound accompanies him. The sun rises in the east, indicating the beginning of a new day.

The Fool is young and innocent. He represents every man and every woman. The staff he carries is his wand. The bag is his chalice. The earth is under his feet and the wind is in his hair.

The black greyhound bitch represents the Goddess and the rooster feathers represent God.

What does it mean?

The main meaning of this card is new beginnings, embarking on a new adventure or a new project.

Have courage and confidence in what you are doing. Be serious but enjoy yourself.


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