Daily Card – Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles used to confuse me. It wasn’t until I bought the DruidCraft Tarot and read through the meaning in the guidebook that I started to understand it. The guidebook is a substantial book, not just a Little White Booklet that you get with some decks.

Let’s examine the card

The Seven of Pentacles indicates that it's a time of harvest. But what are we to harvest? Click through to find out.A man or woman is harvesting some mistletoe from a tree. There is snow on the ground and the stream is frozen.

The person wears a green cloak and uses a golden sickle.

There are seven pentacles etched into the rock by the tree.

It is winter and the landscape is barren. The only plant with green leaves is the mistletoe.

There are a few different means for this card, and they depend on your personal situation and the surrounding cards.

What does it mean?

It’s time to harvest some of your hard work and have a rest before the final push to the end.

Sometimes we need to be patient and wait for the harvest to be ready. This is a time of patience and waiting.

It is time to declutter your space before you can progress with your projects.


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