Card of the Day – Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is a simple card and it’s wonderful to see this one come up in a reading.

Let’s examine the card

The Eight of Pentacles is a great card to get in a reading.The Eight of Pentacles depicts a man pouring molten metal into a pentagram mould. There are seven pentagrams on the table that he’s just made.

His metal working tools lay on the table.

There are two bowls and a vessel of some sort also on the table. They are of good quality with nice designs on them.

Behind him is the fire used for melting the metal. It burns almost white hot. It needs to be at that high temperature in order to melt the metal to make it workable.

The fire is contained by the stone.

He is working hard. Perhaps he is almost finished his apprenticeship.

What does it mean?

Eight signifies abundance and manifestation. When you turn the figure eight on its side, you get the Lemniscate, the symbol for infinity. Many cultures see 8 as being lucky.

You are making steady progress towards your goal. With hard work and the right training, you will be successful.


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