Daily Card – I The Magician

The Magician is another favourite card of mine. Why? Because of what he teaches me about my own magical abilities.

Let’s examine the card

There's a lot of symbolism in The Magician card. What does it mean? Click through to find out.The Magician card depicts an older man with an altar before him and Stonehenge behind him.

He wears a blue/grey robe and a cloak made from raven feathers. There’s a green belt around his waist fastened with a golden lemniscate clasp. He also wears a gold collar, a gold circlet on his head, a gold bangle and a gold bracer. He holds a wand in his right hand which is pointed at the sky, and he points to the ground with his left hand.

On the altar are the four magical tools: a wand, a cup, a sword, and a pentagram.

In the distance is a crowing rooster.
Note: Even though it has been my aim to get through this series without consulting the guidebook, in reality that has been difficult. Many cards, especially in the Major Arcana, have a lot of symbols on them, and understanding those symbols is often key to understanding the meaning of the card. So, yes, I have consulted the guidebook today.

The four tools

The four tools on the altar represent the four suits of the Minor Arcana. They also represent the whole rage of human experiences as depicted on all 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. The Magician has made the conscious decision to work with his magical tools in this world.


The Magician’s belt buckle is the infinity symbol, also called “the lemniscate”. The symbol is related to his stance. He takes the energy from heaven and seeks to unite it with the energy of earth. Alchemy.


The symbol of the triangle inside the square inside the circle that hangs from his belt is a Pythagorean symbol. The guidebook says it much better than I could:

The circle represents the totality of life – the All. Each side of the square signifies one suit of the Minor Arcana, while each side of the triangle represents one of the three states of Druid and Wiccan training, symbolised by three groups of seven of the Major Arcana cards, with the remaining card – The Fool as the soul – at the centre. pp. 104-105


Stonehenge represents the doorway to other realities, showing that The Magician is a shaman.

What does it all mean?

You have the tools and abilities to make your dreams a reality. Use your will-power to take those first steps towards achieving your purpose.

Be open to inspiration and to spirit, and allow that inspiration to flow through you and out into the world.

Trust and let go of worries.


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