Daily Card – XVI The Tower

The Tower is one of those cards that most people love to hate. Their first impression when seeing this card in a reading is “oh no!”. Instead of stigmatising difficult cards, we should learn to see the opportunities within them.

“Change is inevitable” is the immediate message I get from this card. Change is inevitable, whether we want it or not.

Let’s examine the card

The Tower teaches us that change is inevitable, whether we want it or not.At the bottom of the card is water, maybe a lake. There are trees in the distance on the right. One the left is a path leading to the Tower.

The Tower dominates this card. It is built on a rocky outcrop in a lake. The Tower is in flames, having just been struck by lightening.

A man and woman, perhaps the couple from The Lovers card, have been thrown from the Tower. Their lives are upside down, and probably flashing before their eyes.

The sky is dark and full of smoke.

What does it mean?

The Tower tells us that we need to let go of what no longer serves us, or it will be forcibly taken away. It could be old ways of thinking, a job, people, anything really.

But there’s always hope, and most people forget this when they see this card in a reading.

Having our foundation removed gives us the opportunity to build a new foundation. Loosing our job gives us the time to work on that business idea or to spend much needed time with our families.

Even the more difficult cards, like this one, have hope. Because it is times of difficulty and chaos that make us dig deep and create positive changes in our lives.


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