Daily Card – VI The Lovers

The Lovers is numbered 6 in the Major Arcana. It is another one of my favourite cards from this deck. The deck is Druid Craft Tarot and it takes its inspiration from both Druidry and Wicca. This is a combination that appeals to me.

Let’s examine the card

Most people think The Lovers simply means a new relationship. Vary rarely does it mean that.The lovers lay amongst the greenery under a tree. A doe looks on from a distance. The lovers are nude and are entwined in that after lovemaking embrace. The man wears short deer antlers and holly leaves on his head. She wears flowers on hers.

I think the tree is a Hawthorn tree, but I’m not sure (and the guidebook doesn’t say).

In the rocks below the lovers are carved some designs: three lovers knots, a sun and moon, a snake wrapped around an egg, and an infinity symbol. There is also the face of the Greenman and out of his mouth pours water.

What does it all mean?

The green vegetation and the snake wrapped around the egg speak of fertility. This is not just in the literal sense either, but also in regards to projects and plans you may have.

The man and woman represent the God and Goddess. This is a union of two people. Once again, this may not talk about romance but could mean a business relationship, a friendship, or other type of relationship. It depends on the question asked of the cards, the position The Lovers falls in, and the surrounding cards.

There is a strong message of surrender in this card. To be in a relationship with another person we have to surrender some of what we want for that relationship to be harmonious. Nudity represents being open and honest, along with vulnerability. This is the cement in a relationship.


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