Daily Card – Three of Cups and an Exciting Announcement

Last night I made the decision to buy my own domain name and set up my site elsewhere. WordPress is great, but it’s too labour intensive for me. I’ve decided to move to Square Space. The new site will be launched on the 4th of June. Until then, I’ll continue to blog here.

Drawing the Three of Cups was a nice confirmation that I’d made the right decision.

Let’s examine the card

The Three of Cups is nice confirmation that you are making the right decisions.

Three men sit around a table. There’s food on plates on the table. The men are celebrating. They have their cups raised in a toast.

One man wears a blue cloak, one wears a green cloak, and the third wears a red one.

Blue represents water and the emotions and spiritual life.

Green represents earth and the material world.

Red represents wands and fire, the passions in life.

The man in the blue cloak wears a yellow tunic under the cloak. Yellow represents air and the intellect. This celebration seems to be a spontaneous thing. It’s not something that was planned or thought through.

What does it mean?

It’s time to celebrate. Life is worth celebrating. This is a good card to get when you are making decisions because it confirms that you are on the right track.


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