Daily Card – The King of Swords

The King of Swords is an interesting character. He seems distant to me. I’m an earth sign, a Taurus, and find it challenging to connect with people who are air signs. That’s probably why I find Swords a challenging suit to work with.

On an up side, I think I’m starting to get the hang of what the court cards are all about.

Let’s examine the card

The King of Swords sits on this throne, deep in thought. I often wonder what he is thinking about.The King of Swords sits on a wooden throne on a rocky mountain top. His clothing is blue, which is associated with water and the emotions. I wouldn’t exactly call the King of Swords an emotional person.

He also wears leather shoes and a brown vest. His jewellery includes a gold circlet around his head, a gold torc around his neck, and an elaborate gold collar. His cloak is fastened with a large gold clasp. His long greying hair is loose.

He holds a sword in his right hand and his chin in his left. He looks to be deep in thought.

There is knot work carved into the back of the throne, along with a boar.

What does it all mean?

Swords is the element of air and represents the intellect and the mind.

The King is someone who has mastered his/her element.

The King of Swords is someone who has mastery over their mind. They don’t rush into making a decision, but will think on things and weigh up the options before moving into action.

You will often find the King of Swords in such professions as law, accounting, IT specialists, editors, and so on.

When not referring to a person, this card represents advice of a factual nature. Maybe it is time to get that advice you need.

It could also indicate the need to make a decision based on facts rather than emotions.


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