Daily Card – Four of Swords

The Four of Swords is an interesting card. Many of the cards in the suit of Swords are active cards. In other words, there’s something happening. The Four of Swords is a passive card. There doesn’t seem to be anything happening on the surface.

Let’s examine the card

The Four of Swords is a passive card. Have a think about it. What does it mean?A man sits against a tree. The roots, rocks and surrounding soil form the chair he sits in. He wears only a piece of plaid fabric tied around his waist. He balances a sword across his legs.

He looks like he is deep in thought.

There are three swords leaning against the rocks next to him. All the swords are still.

The ground at his feet is rocky, indicating that he is well grounded or that he is in the process of grounding himself.

There is no action in this card. Everything is still.

What’s it all about

Four is about limitations and boundaries.

This man may have been through some difficulty. Now he is taking time to rest and withdraw so he can develop a strategy for moving forward.

This is a good time to meditate and quiet your mind. The mind and intellect is a wonderful tool that can take us all sorts of places, but we need to be in control of it.

It’s easy to react rather than respond. By taking time to think about the situation we can find ways to resolve the situation that is going to be beneficial for all involved.

A friend calls it “putting the brain in gear before shooting off your mouth”.

In other news …

I’ve been working on some business ideas and have finally come up with a suitable strategy for myself. I’ll be launching a free ebook on candle magic next week. This will be available for those that sign up for my newsletter, which will also be launched next week.

After that, I have an exciting workbook to share with you all. I will share more information about this next week.


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