Daily Card – IV The Lord

The Lord is one of the cards I copied and have blu-tacked to the wall above my altar. The other is The Lady. For me, they represent God and Goddess. The Lord has such a nice masculine energy. It’s not harsh, just strong and grounded.

Let’s examine the card

IV The Lord, also called the Emperor. He's the epitome of masculine energy. How do you integrate his energy into your life?The Lord is numbered four in the Major Arcana. This card is traditionally called “The Emperor”.

A man sits on a stone throne high in the mountains. He looks stern, but not unapproachable. He looks like he’s wearing some sort of chest armour over a green robe. He wears a red cloak fastened by a gold cloak pin. He also wears sandals, a gold spiral armband, and a gold torc. He has a gold helmet on his head with two deer antlers attached. He holds a staff in his left hand.

The antlers on his helmet remind me of Cernunnos, the Lord of the Forest (not to be confused with Herne the Hunter who was invented by Shakespeare).

The symbol on the staff reminds me of the Nordic Rune, Sowello. It is actually the Pictish symbol of the lightning rod which shows that The Lord is connected to the world of spiritual principals.

His throne is caved with intricate knotwork. There is a ram’s head carved into each armrest. This suggests that this card may be associated with Aries.

There is an eagle flying in the background.

The Lord is most definitely Lord of his domain. He’s the ultimate father figure. He’s a stern, wise, compassionate ruler.

The Lord represents thought, control, and fatherhood.

The Lord and The Lady together represent God and Goddess. We need both their energies to be mature and whole people.

What does it all mean

It’s very well having lots of symbolism on a card, , but it’s another thing entirely to be able to make sense of it all.

The Lord offers success and accomplishment, but you must put in place the structure required, such as strong boundaries. Stay true to your personal values, act with clarity and integrity for the greater good.

Perhaps you are being called to act as a father figure or mentor for someone. Or perhaps it is that this card represents someone who will be a father figure or mentor for you.


There are many ways to read a Tarot card. But sometimes what the card means is what first jumps into your mind when you look at the card. Sometimes those thoughts don’t line up with the guidebook. And that’s okay. Tarot speaks to us in ways that we understand, and that might be different for each person.


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