Daily Card – XIX The Sun

The Sun is a wonderfully bright card to get in a reading. It’s numbered 19 in the Major Arcana.

Last night I was having some major doubts about my business plan and whether I could pull it off or not. This card tells me that I’m on the right track and that I have the blessing of God and Goddess. So it’s full steam ahead.

Let’s examine the card

I've been having some doubts about my business plans. The Sun tells me that I have the blessing of the God and the Goddess.The Fool has now become a naked boy sitting on a horse. The boy’s nakedness suggests that he no longer has anything to hide.

The horse is a grey mare and has a harp strapped to it. The harp shows the connection with bardic traditions and Taliesin.

The horse wears a leather collar with a sun on it. Attached to the collar are straps of leather or fabric decorated with lizards.

Bees can be seen hovering around some St John’s Wort flowers.

Newgrange lies in the distance.

The fool, by this time, has been on quite a journey. He’s grown and evolved, and is now ready to shine brightly for the world to see.

The horse symbolises the Goddess in her aspect of Epona, Modron or Macha (Macha is one of the aspects of the Morrigan).

What does it all mean?

You are entering a joyful and creative phase of your life. It is your time to shine, so don’t hold back.

This card represents both God and Goddess. Both of them are investing their energies in you so that you will succeed at what you put your hand to. You are a co-creator with God and Goddess.

Personal Notes:

This card gave me a big boost of confidence, one that I needed. I tend to go through phases where I get a great idea, start working on it, then doubts creep in and the idea gets forgotten. The business stuff I’m currently working on is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Before it wasn’t the right time. Now it is. I will be sharing more about this in coming days and weeks.


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