Deck Interview – Messenger Oracle

I’ve had this deck since it first came out. I was fortunate to be able to get a signed copy. At the time I found it a challenging deck to work with, so it has sat in its box for the last three years. I decided to revisit this deck and see if I’m ready to work with it. I think I am, so I started by interviewing the deck. I used the same questions and layout as used on the Tarotize website.

Deck Interview for the Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan.

1. Who are you? 7. Do Not Fear The Unknown.

I am the Unknown, the infinite possibilities that are open to you.

2. What is your strength? 9. Embrace the Dark.

We all have a shadow side. I can help you to incorporate your shadows and find the gold amongst the dross.

3. What is your weakness? 22. Let go of the Old.

I am proud and like to show off.

4. What types of readings do you prefer? 8. Embrace Spirit.

I like readings of a spiritual nature where I can help people explore their inner landscape.

5. How do you challenge me? 48. Wash away your burdens.

I challenge you to look deep within and allow spirit to change you from the inside out.


This is a really lovely deck. Ravynne has done a wonderful job with the artwork and writing the guidebook. The images are deep with lots of symbolism which, if you understand the language of symbols, will give depth to your readings.

My conclusion: I will be developing a couple of spreads to go with this deck so I can offer readings for others using this deck. It’s such a pretty deck and has an awesome message for us.


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