Daily Card – Princess of Cups

The Princess of Cups is full of Autumn goodness. She is one of the court cards, part of the minor arcana. The Princesses are often called Pages in other decks.

Let’s examine the card.

The Princess of Cups is a serene autumn beauty that directs us towards our inner selves.The princess is dressed in an orange (nearly red) gown and a reddish brown cloak. Her hair is the colour of straw. She wears a silver circlet on her head with a crescent moon on it. She has bare feet.

This princess holds up a golden cup. Her eyes are closed and she looks peaceful and serene as if she is meditating.

She stands on a rock by a stream. There is a small waterfall to her right. The water comes out of an opening in the ground. Perhaps this is another entry to the Otherworld.

The tree’s leaves are various shades of orange, red, and gold. They look ready to fly off with the next big wind.

There is a face in the tree (can you find it?).

This young lady is learning to be content in the world, to be unshakable. Her feet are on a rock, yet she is surrounded by water. Even though the temptation to respond emotionally to surrounding forces is strong, this Princess draws on her inner strength to remain calm. This enables her to make good decisions.

What does it all mean?

Water represents the emotions, matters of the heart. It also represents spiritual matters and the inner world.

You may be called to meditate more and to explore spiritual matters and your own inner world. As you meditate more you will feel more grounded and more able to withstand the forces surrounding you. You’ll be in your own bubble of peace. You’ll also be more focused on the now and much more productive. I’m speaking from experience here. Since I’ve been meditating I’ve been more productive, had better ideas for projects, and have been more focused. I’ve been able to get each project done without being distracted too much.

Your dreams may be calling you to explore them more fully. It is never to late to explore your dreams. I’m 43 and I’m just starting to explore some dreams that I’ve had since I was a child.

This card can also indicate the possible beginning of a new relationship. But be wary of interpreting it as such. Look at the cards surrounding it and draw your conclusions from that. If they support this interpretation, then go with it.

Don’t forget …

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