Daily Card – The King of Pentacles

I can relate to the King of Pentacles. He’s a Taurus and so am I.

The King of Pentacles is today's daily card. Click through to read more about this fascinating character.The King of Pentacles is dressed in a green robe and red cloak. He wears a rich gold necklace and a gold pentacle cloak pin. He has a long grey beard and grey hair. The top of his head is bald. His feet are bare.

He sits on a heavy wooden throne. There is holly at the top of the throne.

To his left is a window that looks up into the sky. There is a robin on the window sill.

On the right is a shield decorated with oak leaves and acorns. A boar is being cooked in the fire behind him.

The king has one foot on a box which has an image of a goat (I think) on it.

Pentacles is associated with Earth and Winter. The robin is a winter bird and the holly a winter plant. Green and red are winter colours, specifically representing Yule. However, oak leaves and acorns represent Summer. This indicates to me that the King of Pentacles is lord of both summer and winter.

The King’s bare feet show that he’s well grounded.

Pentacles represents the physical world: money, food, sex, the finer things in life. The King is successful. He has worked hard all his life and now reaps the rewards.

He is a man who is steadfast and reliable. His word is his oath. He does enjoy the finer things in life. He enjoys his home and family. He’s a passionate and devoted lover.

The King represents a more mature man who is financially successful. He may have his own business. He is steadfast, secure, and reliable.

If this card does not indicate a person, it could mean that your finances and security in life is improving.


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