Daily Card – Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords is one of those challenging cards. I cringe when it comes up in a reading. But life is full of good times and challenging times, and Tarot reflects that.

The Nine of Swords is a challenging card. I cringe when it comes up in readings.Swords is associated with the element of air. Air represents the mind and the intellect.

A man sits in a bed with his head in his hands. The bed is wooden and the head is carved with knot work and spiral designs. There is a red pillow and a blue blanket. Nine swords hang on the dark wall behind the bed.

The man looks like something is bothering him and keeping him awake. He seems quite distressed.

The wall is very dark, almost the colour of nightmares.

The blue blanket, representing water and the emotions, shows how distressed he really is.

The red pillow represents fire. Fire can either be a force for good or for ill. It can either cook your food, or burn down your house. In this card it is a force for ill.

The knot work on the bed includes a heart and a spiral. The heart confirms that this is an emotional issue, just as much as it’s a mind issue. The spiral reminds us that this is just one moment in a lifetime of moments. It gives us hope that the wheel will turn and the sun will rise again.

The Nine of Swords represents mental anguish and sorrow. Even though this is a difficult and challenging card, there is always hope. Being aware of the anguish and sorrow gives us an opportunity to step back and examine the situation to find a suitable solution.

How do you deal with difficult cards?


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