Daily Card – Prince of Pentacles

Today’s card is the Prince of Pentacles. Pentacles are associated with the material world. Princes represent the desire to serve others, even if their attempts are naive or immature. They often represent adolescents or young adults.

The Prince of Pentacles is today's card. What message does this Prince have for us today? You can find out at Triall Dachaigh.This prince is seated on a brown horse. The horse has a green blanket and what looks to be a black sheepskin. The horse’s trappings are intricately carved with Celtic knot work. The designs are painted red, green and gold.

This prince wears shoes. He also wears yellow pants and some leather straps around his waist. A black and green cloak completes his outfit. The cloak is secured with an ornate penannular cloak pin. His long black hair is loosely tied at the base of his skull. He’s clean shaven.

His shield is up in a defensive position. his horse is alert, ready to spring into action at a moments notice. However, this prince leans back on his horse with his sword in his hand. He’s not rushing off anywhere. He’s ready to defend, but not eager to rush into battle.

The Prince of Pentacles represents someone who’s practical and reliable. They tend to see through the fluff. They value security, order and dependability.


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