Daily Card – Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles was yesterday’s card. Unfortunately I was busy all day with mundane jobs and didn’t get a chance to put the computer on at all.

Pentacles are associated with the earth and the material world. Fours are also associated with the material world and security. This makes this card doubly grounded and doubly secure.

The Four of Pentacles suggests that it's a good idea to save for the future.A man is kneeling in front of a big chest. They are in a room with a single small window. There is nothing else in the room. The chest, and its contents, is the focal point.

The chest is locked and the man has put a key in it to open it.

The man is wearing leather shoes, red pants and red hat, a blue shirt, and a brown and red vest. He has a leather bag tied to his waist. The bag seems to have something precious in it.

The chest is fairly ornate. It is gold with four red and gold pentacles attached to it. It must contain the man’s money and other precious belongings. He’s come to add more to it.

Ownership of a chest that large and that ornate indicates that this is a man of some wealth and stature in society. There were no banks so you were responsible for keeping your own wealth. This man is being shrewd and saving for the future so he doesn’t have to work into his old age.

There are two sides to saving for the future. On one hand you could be hoarding out of a fear of loosing all you have. You have become a Scrooge, concerned only with stockpiling money and possessions.

On the other hand, you could be saving for the future so that you can live life to the full into your old age.  You have a healthy relationship with money, understanding how it works and you are using that information to your advantage.

So, this card could be a warning or a blessing. For me this card has become a blessing. I am learning how money works and am using that information to make my life more comfortable.


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