Making a Decision Using Tarot

Have you ever looked at two different choices and not be able to decide? On the surface they both look like good things. Both are equally attractive. You need some help in making a decision. Someone who can be objective and give good advice. Someone who’s only investment is being truthful.

I needed to make a decision between two different courses. Choice A was the Bardic Course through the British Druid Order. Choice B was the Wicca Revealed course through Magicka School. Both choices are good choices. Both courses are highly regarded. But which one was right for me?

I decided to ask Tarot using a spread I found on Arcane Mysteries on Tumblr. The spread is called “I must decide, Tarot be my guide“. I used my Druid Craft Deck. The photo below shows my cards laid out. Sorry for the quality of the photo.

I had to make an important decision between two courses and used this spread to help me. Click over to read the whole story. I decided that Choice A would be the Bardic course, represented by the three cards on the left. Choice B would be the Wicca course, represented by the three cards on the right.

The top card in those two columns represent the journey. The second card the obstacles. And the third card the destination.

Choice A looks like it’s going to be hard going. The journey is 8 of Pentacles, the obstacles is 5 of Pentacles, and the destination is 4 of Pentacles. The card that really put me off this choice was 5 of Pentacles. I’ve been through enough loss and hardship throughout my life already, I’m not prepared to go through more. Not to the extent that 5 of Pentacles suggests. I’m not concerned with making lots of money. I want to be on a path that is going to bring me joy. I don’t mind hard work, but, as the saying goes, all work and no play.

Choice B looks much more promising, and much less stark. Cups represents matters of the heart. The journey is going to be fun and I’ll make some good friends along the way. Seven of Cups suggests that there may be some illusions to overcome. In the Druid Craft, this card also talks about “The Grail Quest”. I need to be careful to see this course as part of the journey, not the destination. The Wheel as the destination card gives me a great deal of hope. This is the fate and destiny card. Learning is part of growing, and I can see that this is an area where I’ll never stop growing.

Now, the other cards.

The Seven of Wands looks at the issues underlying the decision. I was finding it hard to make a decision and needed to find higher ground so I could get a good view of it.

The Princess of Pentacles shows me what might hinder the decision making process. I’m a Taurus and we tend to take our time making a decision. We like to have all the information and then study it from every angle. This is a reminder to not study the options too long.

Justice can help the decision making process. Have all the information and make an informed decision.

The High Priest shows me the influences on your choices from the outside world. I come from a Christian family. That structured religion has had a strong impact on me. Part of me loves the structure. Part of me hates it and wants to flee far from it. Wicca is another semi-structured religion, especially if one gets involved in a coven (which I’m not going to, this witch flies solo). I think I see Druids as being less structured.

So, what’s my decision? Wicca and Magicka School. I’m about to sign up now actually.


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