Daily Card – The Fferyllt

The Fferyllt is numbered XIV in the major arcana. The traditional name of this card is Temperance.

The Fferyllt calls us to balance the masculine and feminine energies within us.A woman is standing inside a building. She is wearing a blue gown with gold trim and a red cloak. A cauldron sits in front of her on a fire. There is a broom leaning against the wall.

The woman is pouring a liquid from one container to another. The second container looks as if it already holds a liquid. The woman is pouring carefully so she can mix the two together. Alchemy.

On the door frame there is a carving of a snake about to eat an egg. The egg has a pentagram on it. Above the egg is a bearded face.

The egg represents new life and all the infinite possibilities and potential that a new life holds. It is a symbol of alchemy. The egg has to go through great change within to go from food to a baby chicken.

Hanging from the rafters are herbs and skins. There are hag stones hanging as weights on the skins. There is also another carved face. One of the skins has alchemical symbols on it.

Glastonbury Tor can be seen in the distance through the doorway. A rainbow lights up the Tor. There is a lake between the Tor and the building.

The cauldron has spiral designs on it, along with an owl’s face. The cauldron is quite ornate and the bottom glows red from the fire beneath it.

All of the elements are represented on this card.

The broom is basically a wand (or staff). Wands are fire symbols. Snakes are also associated with fire.

The herbs and the hill outside are earth, along with the egg.

The steam coming off the cauldron represents air. The rainbow is both air and water. The lake also is water.

This is a card of alchemy. It’s the refining of ourselves into better and more balanced people.

It’s also walking between worlds. Glastonbury Tor is Avalon, home of the fae. The rainbow in Norse mythology is Bifrost, the bridge between Midgard (the human realm) and Asgard (the realm of the Gods).

I see this as a card of fire and water. It’s a card heralding great change within, providing we are prepared to do the work.

Fire is masculine and water feminine. This is the alchemy that we go through, to blend and harmonise within ourselves the masculine and feminine energies. This is a creative process, one that takes time.

Walking between worlds is another aspect of this card. It is a shamanic journey that is often required to bring healing so those energies can be harmonised.

This is a card of great possibility, and one of my favourite in the Druid Craft Tarot.


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