Daily Card – Queen of Swords

Swords is associated with the element of air and talks about the mind and the intellect. The Queen of Swords is associated with Aires.

Daily Card - Queen of Swords The Queen of Swords sits on a wooden throne on a large rocky outcrop. There is a tree in the distance. There are no leaves on the tree. There’s no grass and no rolling hills. There’s nothing but air around her.

The Queen wears a purple dress, indicating her royal status. Her long hair is grey. There’s a short sword in her hands. Her eyes are closed and her head held high.

She seems distant and removed from everyone. She’s aloof. Emotionally unmoved.

She reminds me of a few people I know. They are cold and unemotional, but at the same time highly intelligent. She can beat you in an intellectual argument, and is certainly someone you should have on your side. You could never win an argument against her.


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