Daily Card – King of Cups

The King of Cups reminds me of my best friend’s husband. He’s a Scorpio, which is the sign that’s associated with this card. He very much is a King of Cups.

King of Cups - DruidCraft Tarot The King of Cups is sitting in a high-backed wooden throne. There is a small Celtic harp leaning against the chair. There’s also an Irish wolfhound laying behind him and a small crab by his feet.

His throne is set upon a rocky outcrop overlooking the ocean. There’s a salmon jumping in the distance. Green hills complete the picture.

I noticed that this king is wearing shoes. Many of the figures throughout the DruidCraft Tarot do not wear shoes.

Cups represent matters of the heart and spiritual matters. In my mind these two are closely linked. Dogs speak of loyalty and salmon speaks of wisdom. The harp indicates creativity.

The King of Cups is someone who is in charge of their emotions. They know how to express themselves. They are deeply intuitive and creative. Their loyalty is second to none. They are a wise ruler and their subjects thrive under their rule.


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