Daily Card – VII The Chariot

Today’s card is The Chariot. It is number eight of the Major Arcana.

The Chariot is part of the Major Arcana. This card shows a woman in a chainmail vest riding in a chariot. She is a woman of some position in society. She is wearing quite a bit of gold jewellery. Her long red hair is lose.

There are two horses, one is black and the other white. Horses speak to us about personal power and traveling between the worlds.

They are balanced, one black and one white.

Masculine and feminine energies working together.

On the chariot is the symbol of the Wheel of the Year. Forward motion.

The woman is in complete control of the horses and chariot. Her eyes are fixed on the road ahead. She is not interested in what is behind her.

Life is a journey. It requires determination. Balance is also important. Be in control of yourself and your goals.

Don’t look behind you. You aren’t going that way.


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