Daily Card – The Star

The Star is part of the Major Arcarna and is numbered “XVII” (17).

The Star is part of the Major Arcana. Find out why it's a good card to have in a reading. This card seems a darker card than some of the others, but there is light from the sun which is just below the horizon. The woman in the foreground is completely naked. She stands in a stream pouring water from two jugs. One pours into the stream, the other pours onto the rocks at the edge of the stream. There is a stone circle in the background and stars are clearly visible in the sky. The moon is just a sliver.

Being naked is a vulnerable position to be in. Water is emotions. The stone circle represents the cycles of our lives. It is not night but not yet day, an in between time. This is a very magical time, a time when almost anything is possible. The partial moon tells us that there are some things that are hidden. But the stars are our, making navigation much easier. The rocks are our solid foundation.

This card speaks to me about hope. We may not understand what is going on around us at the moment, but there is hope that things will get better. Yes, we may feel vulnerable, but that’s not a bad thing. When we are open and honest magic is free to flow through our lives. We can be the shining light that others need to see.

For all of my daily cards I’m using the The Druidcraft Tarot (affiliate link). This is a Celtic deck based on both Druidry and Wicca. Of all the decks I have used, so far this one is my favourite.


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