Daily Card – XVII The Moon

The Moon is one of the cards from the Major Arcana. It’s a dark, sombre card that begs you to search deeper.

XVII The Moon - one of the major arcana cards. Click through to learn more.

There is water in the foreground and a path leading up the hill between two howling hounds and two standing stones. The partially lit moon is above the two standing stones. There is a crab crawling up the rock. I’m not sure what it stands for, perhaps this card is associated with Cancer.

It feels like the hounds are standing guard in front of the standing stones. I’ve been bitten by dogs and so associate them with fear along with the usual loyalty.

The standing stones remind me of a portal into an alternative reality or the Otherworld, the world of Spirits.

This card speaks to me about facing your fears, especially to do with your spiritual path. The moon is only partially lit, indicating that something’s hidden. The moon affects the tides. It is associated with water and the emotions. Fear is an emotion.


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