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Daily Card – XIII Death

Death is another one of my favourite cards in the DruidCraft Tarot.  Death is a natural part of life, but people are scared of it. This has always confused me. People associate the death card with the death of a loved one, but this is not always its meaning.

Let’s examine the card

Death is a card that many people are scared of. But it doesn't mean what they think it means. Click through to read more.An old woman, the goddess in her Crone aspect, stands at a cauldron. She holds a human skull in her hands. Her touch is gentle and tender. She wears a dark green hooded robe. There is a belt around her waist from which hangs a sickle. Her long grey hair is done in two braids that fall past her waist. She has a red cloak draped over her arm.

She is inside a cave. The ornate cauldron sits on a fire and steam rises from the contents inside. I can see fish and birds around the top of the cauldron, and perhaps an otter.

On the wall behind her is a stone face and two pottery jugs. One of the jugs has a human figure as its handle. There’s a brown and white snake above the jugs. Herbs hang from the ceiling. A piece of ivy grows from the ceiling.

Outside the cave in the distance is some standing stones and an eagle flies towards the clouds. A river winds its way past the standing stones.

The goddess is Ceridwen as Cailleach.

What does it mean?

The main meaning of this card is initiation and transformation.

It is time to clear away the old so you can make way for the new. Old ways of thinking and being must die before we can transform into a better version of ourselves.

Daily Card – XII The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is an intriguing card. He’s tied securely to a tree upside down, and he’s naked.

Let’s examine the card

The Hanged Man has surrendered to what is. Have you?A man hangs in a tree upside down. He’s naked. He has oak leaves coming out of his mouth which makes me think of the Oak King and the Green Man.

His legs are positioned in the figure 4. Some say that this is also the crane position.

He looks at peace. He’s not concerned about his predicament as he knows that he’ll be released when the time is right.

Mistletoe grows on the tree, and there are blackberry brambles at its base.

There is wheat behind the tree, most of it has been harvested. A sickle lies next to the unharvested wheat. It is autumn, the time for harvest.

What does it mean?

It’s time to let go and surrender to what is. Some things can’t be changed or rushed, so it is wise to just enjoy the journey.

When we surrender we find that peace we’ve been looking for. It can only come when we let go and surrender.

It is time to be patient and wait for what we want.

Allow the inner work to transform you while you wait.

Let go of expectations so that you can discover and experience all that can be discovered and experienced.

Daily Card – III The Lady

The Lady is traditionally called The Empress in other decks. She is the universal mother figure. She’s numbered III in the Major Arcana.

Let’s examine the card

The Lady is the universal mother figure. She represents many things. Click through to find out more.The lady sits on a simple wooden throne by a stream. She is heavily pregnant. She holds a cornucopia full of flowers and fruit in one arm, and a sheaf of wheat in the other.

Her long golden hair is loose and she wears a green headband with gold stars on it.

Her dress is light green and covered in flowers. The yoke of her dress is red with a gold design. She wears gold brooches attaching her dark green cloak to her dress. There is a piece of red fabric at her feet.

The apple tree is full of apples and all the flowers are in bloom. The stream is full of water and flows swiftly.

There is a dark green goddess figure in front of her on a rock.

What does it mean?

The Lady represents the Great Mother. Also abundance, creativity and fertility. This may or may not represent a physical pregnancy. It would depend on surrounding cards.

This time in your life is one of passion. Throw yourself into your creative projects and relationships and watch them blossom.

You may be pregnant with an idea or desire, or you could be entering a new phase in your current relationship.

Open yourself to the nurturing power of the Goddess, and she will bless you with abundance.

Daily Card – Six of Wands

Element wise, the six of wands is a well balanced card. There’s air in the sky above, there’s greenery and rocks on the earth below, there’s water on the path in front of them, and there’s six wands.

Let’s examine the card

The Six of Wands is a card of victory and success. Click through to find out more.A nobleman sits on a horse. He holds a falcon, which shows his high status. He wears red boots, green leggings, a brown leather tunic, and a red fur trimmed cloak.

He’s older. He has grey hair and a substantial beard.

There are five men (that we can see) walking behind him. They carry six wands.

They don’t seem entirely happy with their situation. Some of the men are older, but obviously from the lower classes.

The sky is dark and stormy.

What does it mean

Success and victory is yours. This success is through your own efforts. You are able to inspire others through your leadership skills.

Alternatively, you are working on self-leadership so you can achieve your goals.

Daily Card – Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is a card of completion. Ten is the end of a cycle. When I compared the Ten of Pentacles with the Ten of Cups I noticed a couple of big differences.

Let’s examine the card

The Ten of Pentacles indicates success and end of the cycle, but at what cost?An old man sits surrounded by his children. His wife is inside the house. He is overweight. He wears a blue robe and cloak. The cloak is secured with a large gold pentacle cloak pin.

The sun sets in the background.

This doesn’t look like a happy family. None of them are smiling or being affectionate. Their emphasis has been on building their financial security, but at what cost?

Even the dog looks a bit unhappy.

I feel like the father is thinking “I’ve made it, now what?”

The Ten of Cups also shows a family scene, but it is one of love, joy, and affection.

What does it mean?

The keywords for this card are Blessings, prosperity, and legacy. You are either in the receipt of or building blessings, prosperity, and/or legacy.

Daily Card – Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups is an interesting card. He’s so busy gazing at the illusion of six cups in the pool that ‘s forgotten about the one full cup by his side. What could it mean?

Let’s examine the card

The Seven of Cups calls us to stop chasing after fantasies and focus on the here and now. Click through to find out more.A young man sits by a pool on rocks covered in moss, grass and ferns. He wears a red cloak wrapped around himself.

There are six cups in the water. They are an illusion.

There is a single golden cup sitting on a rock beside him. It’s full.

He looks like he’s about to reach out and grab one of the cups from the pool. I think he will get a shock when he does because it will slip through his fingers like, well, water.

Maybe that will bring him back to reality.

What does it mean?

Having a good imagination is vital in life, but we must be aware of the difference between the real world and the world of imagination and illusion. Chasing after your dreams is one thing, but chasing after illusions is something else.

Do not become seduced by your own inner landscape. Stay grounded in this reality by holding on to what is.